Mapas Project Director

Stephanie Wood
University of Oregon, Wired Humanities Projects
Ethnohistorian and General Editor


Ginny White
IT Specialist
University of Oregon
Web design, database design, project management, and server administrator
WHP staff member: 2003 - present

R. Jamil Jonna
Graduate Research Fellow
University of Oregon, Department of Sociology
Web design, database design, and project management
WHP staff member: 2006 - 2010

Judith Musick
Founding Director, WHP
University of Oregon
Coordinator of Technology
WHP staff member: 1997 - 2010




TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) Encoded Files

If you are interested in obtaining xml files of our database in TEI format, please contact Stephanie Wood: swood at

For more information about TEI please see the TEI Consortium website: